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The Thrashlab is an awesome group from the states who make beautiful short films. They cover a range of really diverse topics so there’s pretty much bound to be something interesting for everyone. And often it’s the most out there topics that can be the most intriguing ones – from urban beekeeping in LA, to food trucks, sneaker collectors, graffiti artists, and the international beard championships – it’s pretty diverse.

We’ve selected a small handful of videos which I reckon will appeal most to kustom kulture fanatics, but be sure to check out more of their vids on youtube.


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Check out this great video called Urban Outlaw. It’s a 30 minute film about renegade Porsche customiser Magnus Walker who hails in LA in the States. Sure it might not be a rod or a custom, but any petrolhead worth their weight in avgas will relate to this guy’s passion to build something unique with his own hands. And check out the neat details like the louvers, drilled handles and so on. It’s also beautifully shot as well. Video below, and if it tickles your fancy check out his blog.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/44410797″>URBAN OUTLAW – THE MOVIE</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/mosmedia”>Tamir Moscovici</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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A few weeks ago we visited the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society museum (HARS). Housed at Albion Park right on the airport, it features an impressive collection of civilian and military planes. If you’ve ever heard of the Wings Over Illawarra airshow, these are the folks who make it all happen.

What I love about this place is that they actively aim to keep all of their planes flying regularly – it ain’t no static museum. Sure there’s a couple in their collection which will never see the air again due to extensive damage or other issues, but keeping birds in the air is what it’s all about. They also specifically try to collect planes which are significant to Australian aviation history which is pretty cool too.

Our guide for the day was Paul, who like all of the HARS members is actually a volunteer. Which is what makes their professional approach even more impressive. Paul was a great guide, an absolute font of knowledge and his enthusiasm was clearly evident. We didn’t even realise we’d stayed around 30 minutes past closing time till after we’d walked out the front door! Entry was a super cheap $15 which included our tour, we’d definitely recommend it if you’re into old planes. They can also cater for groups like car clubs if you pre-arrange it.

Neat ramp truck features familiar red and white livery but no actual signage. It seems some companies are pretty protective of their brands, even on vintage aircraft and other equipment. What’s interesting to note is the 60s Falcon running gear and steering wheel.

I’ve loved DC3s for as long as I can remember, so it was pretty awesome to be able to go into one for the first time. Unlike some major airliners, the RAAF love their livery being proudly displayed on vintage planes and actively support the work that HARS do. A bit of trivia I picked up – on these planes 1st class was actually at the rear of the plane – the furthest seats away from the engine noise and vibration.

This type of plane saw duty with the Flying Doctor Service in the 50s and 60s.


Spare engine?

It’s hard to see with all the scaffolding in the way, but this is actually an amphibious bomber which is blacked out for night time missions. It looked seriously tough. They even do demos where they land it on Lake Illawarra!

Another night time bomber.

Nose art.

Here are some cool videos we found online of their planes in action.

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The kiwis always seem to step up to the plate and hit far above their weight given their small population, and their hot rodding scene is no different. The elite level cars built over the ditch and events like Beach Hop are great examples.

One of the latest things to come out of the land of the long white cloud is the online Hot Rod Revue magazine www.hotrodrevue.co.nz. Packed full of great cars and awesome videos, it’s well worth cheking out! I’ve featured some of their videos below, and they’ve also got a facebook page as well.

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Each year over on Rat Rod Bikes there is a custom bike build off. The emphasis is on having fun and taking the opportunity to take your pushie building that step or two further than what you normally would. To keep things achievable for the average bloke, you need to run a basically stock frame and paint it yourself.

To check out all of the finished bikes check out this thread. Here’s a sample of some of the bikes that took my fancy.

‘Bareknuckle Brawler’ by Bean

‘Curved Odyessey’ by 28 incher

‘Deluxe-6-Rat-Racer’ by Petrohead

‘Frightliner’ by Tvc15

‘Go Away’ by Garagegoon

‘Hard-Luck’ by Karfer67

‘Ruf n Rusty’ by Jerry KR

‘Strick 9’ by Jalopy Jim

‘The Speed Demon’ by Double Nickle

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Don’t forget that we’re running a competition for people to design a new banner for Kustom Kulture Australia! The folks over at Sailor Jerry have stumped up some awesome prizes for this competition, so get your shit together and put in an entry for your chance to win! For more details on the competition refer to this previous post.

While we’re on the topic of Sailor Jerry, they have a bunch of recipes on their blog here. With this crappy cold weather we’re getting, why not get in and make something like these chicken breasts with a rum and cola sauce? Yum! And as they say on Masterchef, cooking is all about cooking from the heart – so get into the spirit by sipping your own Sailor Jerry based drink as you cook!

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My mate ‘The Duke’ sent me the link to this great article on the home of Tim Ross (the Rosso half of Merrick and Rosso). Who’d have thought he’d have such a bitchin’ pad? More pics and a full run down The Design Files blog.

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