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The theme for this year’s NSW All Holden Day was celebrating 50 years of the EH. With that in mind, I thought I’d just post up the pics of the EJs & EHs that really took my fancy.

Pick of the bunch for me was this grey sedan, with cleverly mixed elements of a resto and a modern pro streeter. Body wise it appeared very standard, but you couldn’t miss that tough stance and the drag style wheels. The redwalls being the perfect period touch to give it a touch of colour. Inside the story was very similar, apart from a very subtle rollcage, well it could have been from the factory. Under the bonnet was a tough looking engine, I’m guessing a small block Chev, but with everything painted in matt black it looked mean. Very tastefully put together piece of gear.

blog 037 blog 036

And some of the other EJs and EHs that I liked.

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A fairly new event, but one worth checking out is the ‘Sunday Coffee in the Hills’. Started off by Jeff on ozrodders, it’s quickly building a following with car guys in Sydney. Held the first Sunday of the month, it sees a range of cars park up in the carpark at Kellyville Plaza. The time is from 7am to 9am, which means you can head out for a quick cruise and still have the rest of the day to do whatever you need to do.

On the day we were there, there was a great variety of cars on show. From a Mitsubishi L300 converted to a van with a mid mounted LS1, tough streeters such as an XY GT and very grumpy 60s Chev, through to a restored ’55 Belair and a pair of restored ’39 Chevs, a rally spec 80s Beemer, as well as a handful of Mustangs and modern Fords. The best thing was the relaxed vibe. Everyone was happy to chat and admire each others cars for what they were. Definitely one to keep an eye out for! For more info check this out.

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Sunday saw the second Lone Star Open Day, and true to form it was another corker. Featuring a stack of cool rides, workshop demos and project talks it had a little something for everyone. Throw in a sausage sizzle and a coffee van and everyone was well sorted.

A highlight was the chance to check out many projects from different ozrodders members. Turns was there with his Model A Roadster featuring hand-made body from the doors back. Royden fired up his angry Dodge which made enough noise to loosen your fillings. Rod brought his Fargo tribute which started life as a Mitsubishi L300 van and is now a ute with a mid mounted LS3 and legally registered as an ICV.

The Open Day is also a chance to catch up with old mates from near and far, as well as putting faces to names. To give you an idea, there were guys from Castlemaine, Pakenham, Nowra, Shoalhaven Heads, Ballarat, and Wellington – just in town to come to the Open Day.

I’ve got some pics below. If you missed it, kick yourself and make a better effort to come along next year and check it out.

pictures 033

pictures 036

pictures 040

pictures 041

pictures 042

pictures 044

pictures 046

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pictures 054

pictures 059

pictures 060

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The team from Lone Star Body Shop are once again throwing open the shed doors. They’re holding another of their open days on Sunday 19 May, and it’s shaping up to be an absolute corker. The day will feature metal shaping and metal working demos, talks about different projects in the shop, and a great impromptu show in the carpark. If you’re ever wanted to ask an expert for some advice or feedback on metal shaping, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity. I posted up some pics and a bit of a run down on last year’s event here, and this year’s day is shaping up to be even bigger. Click on the flyer below to see it bigger.


As an example of Stuart’s work, check out these ’34 Ford hood sides he recently made. The customer posted the pre-made hood sides, for them to be reinforced, louvred, and receive a swaged edge. If you’re wondering what the relief cut is for, these will be going on a car with a blown hemi, so they need to clear the rocker covers!

The blank hood sides ready for work.

Careful measurement of an original hood side to replicate the factory offering.

The louvres were run in the Pullmax, with fences used to determine the start and stop points.

A reinforcing plate was spot welded to the inside, this will help to avoid stress risers at the end of the louvres.

Some detail shots of the finished hood sides.


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Even cold and damp conditions couldn’t put a dampener on the Lady Luck festival this weekend. Held at The Carrington in Katoomba, Lady Luck is a celebration of all things kustom kulture with burlesque acts, bands, stalls, and a show and shine. The smart people stay over, so they can have a big night on the Friday night, sleep in Saturday and then have another big one on the Saturday night, to crawl home Sunday.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been, with the last couple clashing with going away for the Australia Day long weekend. In that time it seems to have grown in leaps and bounds, which is fantastic to see. A great feature is the show and shine in the main street of Katoomba, and the cars look great in front of the art deco buildings, including institutions such as The Paragon cafe. I reckon it’s got a lot of potential, and you could see that even with the drizzly 14 degree weather! Looking forward to next, maybe I need to get my ass organised and book some accommodation.

Anyway, here’s some pics.

Lady Luck 2013 005

Lady Luck 2013 007

Lady Luck 2013 008

Lady Luck 2013 013

Lady Luck 2013 014

Lady Luck 2013 016

Lady Luck 2013 021

Lady Luck 2013 022

Lady Luck 2013 025

Lady Luck 2013 026

Lady Luck 2013 029

Lady Luck 2013 031

Lady Luck 2013 032

Lady Luck 2013 033

Lady Luck 2013 037

Lady Luck 2013 040

Lady Luck 2013 042

Lady Luck 2013 045

Lady Luck 2013 046

Lady Luck 2013 052

Lady Luck 2013 053

Lady Luck 2013 055

Lady Luck 2013 057

Lady Luck 2013 058

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You sure get some funny looks when you arrive to pick up some building supplies or furniture and you’re driving an old girl like our EK wagon. I had a birthday back in December and needed some hay bales for the party, so cruised up to the local ag supplies shop in the EK to pick it up. Worked a treat, though I think I’ll be finding hay in nooks and crannies for months to come.




The party had a bit of a country theme, the hay bails worked a treat along with the other assorted old junk we’ve got lying around the place. Good practice for decorating our wedding later this year.





And as far as cool stuff I scored, I’ve been after a vintage bull in good condition for aaaaages, and scored this beauty along with the tiki mug. I also got a Shag print which looks great along with my Neo Dutch original and Weesner print.



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Bridge to bridge ski race

What are the odds the one day of the year you go for a scenic cruise with the plan of going to Wisemans Ferry for lunch, and that’s the one day of the year the ferry is closed?! That happened to us the other week, we took the scenic route up to the west of Wisemans Ferry, go to catch the ferry over and she’s closed for the Bridge to Bridge ski race. The consolation prize was we to watch a few boats go past at full noise, and man did they sound sweet!

The Bridge to Bridge is a 112km course along the Hawkesbury River and goes from Dangar Island to Windsor. Each boat tows a pair of skiers and the big boys can reach speeds of 220kmh. The boats are seriously tough, basically imagine a twin turbo V8 which wouldn’t be out of place in a drag car, running for almost an hour. The only thing tougher is the skiers themselves, their physical and mental strength is super impressive. This year’s overall winner was the team of Hellrazor, who finished in just under 39 minutes – which makes the average speed about 170kmh (or 107mph)!

Here’s a few pics I got on the phone, and I’ve found some videos from previous years.

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blog 011

blog 009

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