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What better way to celebrate the Australia Day long weekend, then getting away with a bunch of mates and cars and taking it easy? That’s exactly what we did this weekend with the Pariahs Car Club.

Now in its third year, we go to a different destination each time. The emphasis is on spending quality time with each other and our families. This year was also the shake down run for our barbeque/esky trailer which we’ve thrown together from spare parts and the cost of a slab of beer.

We met up in Sydney’s West. Most of us had spent the nights of the week making final preparations for the run, and it was great to catch up and talk some shit before we headed off.


First stop was the pub at Wisemans Ferry for lunch, then onto the Ferry itself.


Our ride for the weekend was this 1970 Jeep, which was generously loaned to us by one of our mates. It drove great and made easy work of towing the trailer, even with it full of ice, beer and meat.

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A quick breather on the side of the road. It was damn hot and it was great to get out of the cars after hours of driving in the hot weather.


Almost at our destination, we stopped in at the Wolombi Pub for a quick drink. The locals had a good look at the cars.

6 7

Here’s the barbeque/esky trailer in action. The main components were a trailer we got off gumtree for a song, an old fridge that was lying in a club member’s garage, and a barbeque we managed to scrounge up. The fridge section has been converted to an esky, and the lower freezer section has been converted into the barbeque. It works a treat and gets more than its share of attention. And check out that slab of pork belly that’s cooking, so damn good.

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One of the days we cruised over to Norah Head for a swim. The beach was packed, but the water was great after spending a couple of hours getting there sweating our asses off on the vinyl seats.



No, this isn’t us, but when I saw the guys heading out with the longboards it was too neat a moment not to capture.12

Before too soon it was time to head back to home and reality. The weather was cooler which was awesome, but it was also wet which made the twisty country roads tricky.

13 14 15 16 17

Although it was funny seeing people take photos of our trailer.


All in all it was a great weekend, and I can’t wait for next year. A big thanks to Frank for lending us the keys to the Jeep for the weekend!


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