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Sunday saw the second Lone Star Open Day, and true to form it was another corker. Featuring a stack of cool rides, workshop demos and project talks it had a little something for everyone. Throw in a sausage sizzle and a coffee van and everyone was well sorted.

A highlight was the chance to check out many projects from different ozrodders members. Turns was there with his Model A Roadster featuring hand-made body from the doors back. Royden fired up his angry Dodge which made enough noise to loosen your fillings. Rod brought his Fargo tribute which started life as a Mitsubishi L300 van and is now a ute with a mid mounted LS3 and legally registered as an ICV.

The Open Day is also a chance to catch up with old mates from near and far, as well as putting faces to names. To give you an idea, there were guys from Castlemaine, Pakenham, Nowra, Shoalhaven Heads, Ballarat, and Wellington – just in town to come to the Open Day.

I’ve got some pics below. If you missed it, kick yourself and make a better effort to come along next year and check it out.

pictures 033

pictures 036

pictures 040

pictures 041

pictures 042

pictures 044

pictures 046

pictures 049

pictures 051

pictures 054

pictures 059

pictures 060

pictures 062

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The Thrashlab is an awesome group from the states who make beautiful short films. They cover a range of really diverse topics so there’s pretty much bound to be something interesting for everyone. And often it’s the most out there topics that can be the most intriguing ones – from urban beekeeping in LA, to food trucks, sneaker collectors, graffiti artists, and the international beard championships – it’s pretty diverse.

We’ve selected a small handful of videos which I reckon will appeal most to kustom kulture fanatics, but be sure to check out more of their vids on youtube.

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Happy Easter

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to get in the mood than this cute pin up video featuring the gorgeous Kate Upton.

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Check out this great video called Urban Outlaw. It’s a 30 minute film about renegade Porsche customiser Magnus Walker who hails in LA in the States. Sure it might not be a rod or a custom, but any petrolhead worth their weight in avgas will relate to this guy’s passion to build something unique with his own hands. And check out the neat details like the louvers, drilled handles and so on. It’s also beautifully shot as well. Video below, and if it tickles your fancy check out his blog.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/44410797″>URBAN OUTLAW – THE MOVIE</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/mosmedia”>Tamir Moscovici</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Summer is almost here, and to celebrate Bonds have released their latest ad with Rachael Taylor, Todd Lasance – and our EK Holden! What could be a better way to celebrate Summer than by jumping in an old car, cruising to a beach in the bush and having a good time?

It was only by chance that our car was used. We were picking up some timber in the EK, and one of the creative guys behind the ad came up and had a chat with us. After a minute or so of conversation about the cool car, he asked if we’d be interested in it featuring in a short film? We’d be paid, but the catch was the filming was the very next day and we had to get to the location at a seriously ungodly hour in the morning. After some thinking time and some negotiating to sort out the insurance side of things, we were in business.

Here’s some pics from filming on the day. It’s safe to say you’ve got to film a whole heap of content to get that 2 minutes of finished video. We hung around partly out of curiosity, and to be honest, partly to keep an eye on our car. It was an interesting day and something we’d consider doing again.

Getting to location pre-dawn. The upside was cruising through the dead empty streets of the city with the red six purring and some blues cranked up.

Dawn over the beach was pretty nice.

Filming the scene walking onto the beach in the morning light.

Lots of content didn’t make the final edit, like this shot of driving along the corso. It’s kind of surreal to watch other people drive your car on the street.

Taking some still shots to compliment the video.

Lots of time was spent getting different shots to give plenty of options in the editing suite.

The scenes were effectively shot in reverse order, so even though these are the opening shots, they were filmed last.

A few more still shots and it was a wrap.

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The good folk over at Sydney Antiques Centre are putting on a neat event to help you prepare for the upcoming 50s Fair at Rose Seidler House. They’re having a vintage fashion bazaar and all of their clothing stalls are stocking up on fabulous 50s threads just for the occasion. Pia Andersen (singer, stylist and vintage culture junky from “Vintage Allsorts”) will be speaking about 1950’s fashion at 2pm on the day, and there’ll also be static displays for you to check out.

When: Saturday 4th August
Time: 10am-5pm
Where: Sydney Antique Centre, 531 South Dowling Street, Surry HIlls – lower level in the Vintage Fashion Emporium
Cost: Free entry to the Bazaar and the 1950’s talk
Enquiries: (02) 9361 3244 or c_repose@bigpond.net.au

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I try to keep the blog more about cool old stuff I come across and less about me, but I’m gonna chuck that rule out the window for now – ’cause she said yes! That’s right, instead of a gorgeous girlfriend I’ve now got a gorgeous fiance, and I’m pretty stoked about it.

I won’t go into too much detail, but the day started with a 5.30 run out to Clarendon swap meet. After brekky we headed down to Austinmer way, browsed in a few vintage stores, went for a swim at the beach and then had fish and chips in the shade overlooking the water. We love walking along the rock pools, so after lunch (after a subtle suggestion), we walked out to a quiet spot with the crashing waves at our feet. This is where I popped the question, and obviously she said yes! We rounded the day off with a drive back through the Royal National Park.

All in all it was one of those great days we love spending with each other. A nice cruisey day with old cars, vintage collectibles, a nice drive and a swim at the beach. And it’s because we love sharing all of these things together that I’m pretty excited about marrying her. I wanted her to look back on the day we got engaged and think of all of those things we love doing, as opposed to doing it in some random restaurant with a bunch of strangers looking at us. Lets face it guys, if she loves going to a swap meet after a late night the night before, she’s a keeper!

I can’t talk about this without posting a  pic of the ring. She wears almost no jewellery so picking a ring was always going to be a challenge. I knew she’d be after something simple and elegant, so after a whole bunch of contemplation it hit me an art deco ring would hit the spot, and also reflect our love of vintage style. With that I did a bunch of googling and took some pictures and ideas into Lane Gems and Jewellery in Sydney. The ring features a blue sapphire as the main stone, 6 baguette diamonds on the shoulders, and the body is white gold. I took a punt with the design, and luckily she loves it. I’d recommend Lane to anyone as well, great guys to deal with.

Needless to say, the wedding will feature lots of old stuff and won’t be traditional! I’ll keep you posted.

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