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The first NSW Motor Enthusiasts’ Conference was today, and by all reports it has gone down a treat. The idea of the day was to get together representatives from all forms of modified car fields, as well as the NSW Minister for Roads & Ports, as well as reps from the RMS (formally the RTA), and discuss some key issues.

On top of that, it was also an opportunity for all of us with old and modified cars to show how many of us there are in the community. And, despite what a few sensational current affairs programmes might have you think (I refuse to call them journalists), modified cars are not single handily responsible for the global economic crisis, the Japanese Tsunami, famine in Africa and whatever other social ills modern society may be suffering at this present point in time.

The Conference itself was only open to limited numbers of people, so it was pretty much key delegates on behalf of various different clubs and organisations like the ASRF. However they did a fantastic job of broadcasting the entire thing via PA for everyone to be able to listen along and hear exactly what was happening.

The carpark was absolutely chockas full of all types of cars, and there was some awesome variety in there as well. When was the last time you saw an E-Type Jag alongside an EH wagon, across from a bunch of hot rods? Or a tough as XC Falcon Pro Streeter sauntering past a restored 1925 truck? There was definitely something for everyone, and it was great to see much variety but also support for the event.

Now I didn’t hang around to listen to the Conference, but all reports seem to indicate that the day went off fantastically and there have been some tangible outcomes in terms of rules about regoing modified cars. I definitely see it as a massive step in the right direction for all parties in working together in a more cohesive way. Here’s hoping they continue this into the future, and maybe look at doing this kind of Conference as an annual event?

Here’s a few pics, more on the Kustom Kulture Australia facebook page.


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Brad Pitt is well known for his love of cool bikes, but apparently he’s an architecture buff and loves mid-century homes as well. Who’d have guessed? Check out these pics, and click here for more. Thanks to Glen John for the tip off.


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Island Life

I take a lot of stuff for granted. Google is only a click away (it got me through uni!), I’ve got a corner shop about 30m from the front door when I run out of milk, and I can duck into Sydney for a gig and not be too late home on a school night. So I can’t imagine living out on a tiny speck of an island in the middle of the ocean!

One bloke who does is ‘Pushie Pirate’, off the Aussie Retro Rollers forum. He lives on Lord Howe Island, which is basically 700km north east of Sydney. The island is about 11km long and is absolutely bloody gorgeous. Living in paradise does have its drawbacks though, and one of them is getting stuff – the boat (below) comes once a fortnight to stock the locals up with mail, fuel, and other supplies.

The good news is he loves custom pushies, and they also happen to the be most common form of transport on the island (remember its only 11km long). He gets most of his bike parts from bikes scrounged from the tip, plus the odd part shipped over when there’s some spare room on the boat.

His latest build is this stretched cruiser he’s dubbed ‘long, low and slow’. Built from a couple of cruiser frames the lines are pretty good and the paint looks a million bucks. Word is she rides as nice as she looks. Nice work, and a great example of how ingenuity makes better rides than a credit card and mail order.


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One of the standout rods at this year’s Motorex was this awesome Model A owned by Stuart Smith. I only managed to get a couple of pics (the others of which were blurry), but this is one very neat and well detailed little pickup. The highlight of this car is definitely the hand made alloy features like the 3 piece bonnet, footwells and door panels. Not far behind is the sound of the thing with the foot to the floor – oh yeah!

And Stuart at work in the shop.

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The Western Sydney Rollers have put out the word for people to check them out on Thursday night as they take on the ‘Geeks’ from Beauty and the Geek!

Essential bits and bobs:
7pm on Thursday 11th August at
Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
Olympic Blvd, Homebush

For more info check out the event facebook page, but from the sound of it entry is free.

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Is there a better way to wind up a show like Motorex than getting together with a few mates and doing a bit of bench racing, maybe a bit of a cruise? No I couldn’t think of one either. Mario Colalillo thinks along a similar wavelength too it seems, so he organised a bit of a low-key cruise through Sydney last night.

That is if you can call a cruise through Sydney, ending up under the Harbour Bridge with some of the finest cars in the country, a low-key cruise! Also along for the ride were Charley Hutton, John D’Agostino and Gene Winfield who have been out here to offer their wisdom and also check out some local cars.

I somehow managed to bum a ride for the first leg with the Deputy Editor of Street Machine in his gorgeous EJ mild custom, very nice! Of course along Parramatta Road it didn’t take much for the group to lose each other, but soon enough we were pulling up at The Rocks to stretch our legs and check out the cars in what was a simply stunning locale.

As you can imagine all these cars created a bit of a fuss, not to mention irresponsible louts like me standing on the road to get photos. After a little while the local constabulary showed up to say hello and give their regards. Mario was quick to pop over and say g’day, not sure what he said but we manged to get a quick group photo and disperse into the night, and I didn’t see a single car get looked over or anything of that nature. Tops!

My ride for the leg back to Homebush (where the daily driver was sitting lonely in the dark), was an XA GT. We drove back in convoy with Brian Willis and his stunning HK Monaro, man I remember drooling over that car in my brother’s Street Machine mags when I was a kid, so to be able to check it out on the street was magical!

Thanks to Mario and co (or should that be Mario and bro’s?) for organising a great night, definitely one to remember! Thanks too, to the gents kind enough to offer a space in their car for dude who has a penchant for hanging out of moving cars to take photos. Here’s a few pics, there’s bunch more on our facebook page here.

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After reading our story about Maroubra Speedway last week, our mate ‘The Duke’ was kind enough to email me some pics and a short email.

“I read your blog about the Maroubra Speedway with interest. I was reminded of a visit to the South Head Cemetery some years ago where I took some photos of Phil Garlick’s headstone. Garlick was a daredevil who thrilled the punters of the day. Alas his bravado done him in.” For a little more info on Phil Garlick, check out this webpage. Thanks Duke!

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