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Black Mustang

Black Mustang are a Brissie based rock band with a nice dirty rock kinda vibe. I’ve only just been put onto them, but I’m digging their sound in a big way.

Of course it doesn’t hurt when they pull off a pretty cool noir inspired film clip, and even better it features a drop dead sexy Mustang (black of course) and the equally dangerous Drea. Check it out below, and if you like what you see check out their facebook page for more info.


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As someone who’s played with a bunch of art (I’m the first to admit calling myself an artist is a stretch!), and as someone who has bunch of artists as mates, it really shits me when I see people ripping off artists to make some cash. So I’m helping to spread the word about these dodgey shirts, which illegally use images taken by Harmony Nicholas from South Australia.

If you haven’t seen her images before, check out her facebook page. The quality of her work is amazing! If you do see the shirts being sold somewhere, email her at the address above so she can chase up the dodgey bastards making these shirts!

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Now I don’t think I’m alone when I think it’s a great thing getting more ladies dressed up in vintage gear along to car shows. The pin up competition at Day of The Drags provided a soft and feminine contrast to the tough loud drag cars sauntering around the pits. Truth be told, the ladies also made a nice contrast to all the bearded hot rodders with tatts!

Luckily for us L’escargot Ivre was there taking some pics and shared these with us. If you like what you see, check out their facebook page for more pics.

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A Bevy of Beautiful Beach Babes

Check out these awesome pics from Nicole Miller Photography. The shoot was actually an assignment to celebrate the beauty of women of all sizes, and we reckon she deserves an A+!

To see more of Nicole’s work click here to visit her facebook page. If you’d like to get into contact with her, give her a call on 0451 109 709 or shoot her an email at nix.shutterbug@gmail.com

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War Bird

A big thanks to the ultra talented photographer Pete Walker for sharing these pics with us! Over to Pete for this one:

The inspiration for the Rosie the Riveter shots came from a series of 4×5 Kodachrome Photos taken of aircraft workers in the 40’s by Howard R Hollem & Alfred Palmer. The rich colour of the Kodachrome and the black background was what I was trying to reproduce with these shots. The model for the shoot was the lovely Miss Ramona Royale who was wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with her again soon. A big thanks to Cameron Rolph-Smith of Warbird Aviation for letting me take over his shed for the afternoon and moving his planes around. The aircraft used in the shoot were Cameron’s T-6 Harvard, Yak 52 and his Dads T-28.

You can see more of Pete’s work at www.pixbypete.id.au

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It’s Evolution Baby

The team at Evolution Motorsport were kind enough to share these pics of Mira Mae at their shop, so of course we just had to share them! The shop has a well established motorsport pedigree, but luckily for us they’re using their skills for good not evil and turning out some cool projects – such as their awesome FED, a bunch of cool bikes and a sweet ’56 Plymouth. Check out more pics of their work on their website www.evolutionmotorsport.com.au or click here for their facebook fan page and there’s also a blog http://evolutioncustoms.blogspot.com We can’t wait to see what they come up with for their ’35 pickup!


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More James Debenham Pin Ups

We’ve featured the phtography of James Debenham before, but I’m sure you’re not going to complain! To see more or get in contact with him check out his website http://jamesdebenham.com or his facebook fan page.

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