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If you’re ever in Newcastle and looking to kill some time, I reccomend checking out the ocean baths. It’s particularly beautiful at sunset, with the afternoon light hitting the water and starters blocks. The pools were opened in 1922, and have a really classic art deco style to them.

Here’s some pics from the last time we were in town.

IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0431 IMG_0448


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Well I’ve finally got around to sorint out some of my pics from our trip up the NSW Central Coast last year. The thing I love about trips aways is exploring for hidden country towns off the main highway, and seeing what kind of goodies you can unearth.

This house is called the Float House, and is located in the quiet town of Tea Gardens. The plaque said the owner collected most of the bits and pieces off the beach, though I’m sure the locals now donate some of their finds too. I’d love to have a backyard like this, just with some tikis, a pool and some Martin Denny playing.

If you’re ever in town I reccomend the local fish and chips too!

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With Christmas coming up, here’s some great swag to fill up your loved one’s stockings.

Cars, surfing and sport – doesn’t get much more Aussie than that! An awesome triple DVD pack from ABC stores and great value at $34.99. Check it out here.

Jess Eisner is absolutely killing the Aussie pin up scene with her edgy modern take on the classic pin up. Her awesome work is in the Street Machine Hot Rod magazine, but why not hang her calendar up and enjoy a new lovely lady every month, all for $25.00. Check it out here.

The boys of Sydney’s Porteno and Bodega restaurants are also killing their field as well. The good news for those not living in Sin City is you can get a copy of their cookbook and enjoy their recipes in your own home. Don’t let the subtle cover fool you, it’s chock-a-block full of amazing photography and recipes. For a sneak peak check out this article here, or buy it for $59.99 by clicking here.


Love mid-century modern? This unique book looks at Australian MCM gardens with over 330 images in glorious full colour. All that for $39.99. Check it out here.

Fuel magazine is great ‘little magazine’ which punches well above it’s weight with fantastic photography and great variety in it’s subject matter. Four issues delivered to your door for just $60.00. Check it out here.

Know a budding artist? Check out these great pinstriping and lettering kits from Kustom Lane Gallery in Melbourne. There’s a range of kits available, the cheapest being 3 colours and a pinstriping brush at $65, through to 5 colours with brushes for pinstriping, scroll work and lettering. Click here to check it out.
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Recently Penrith Regional Gallery hosted the opening night of their Holiday and Memory exhibition. The coolest part? Our EK is featured in the exhibition, alongside names like Reg Mombasa, Max Dupain and Ken Done!

Here’s the blurb from the Gallery: “Holiday + Memory explores the annual holiday experience of mid 20th century Australia. It is concerned with places ventured to, and experiences had and found along the way”. It continues “Herein, we are taken on a journey under big blue skies and night skies, with cars and caravans on winding roads and highways with oversized pineapples and cries from the backseat of ‘are we there yet’.  It is a land of campgrounds, barbeques and backyard pools, of romantic sunsets and eerie shadows, of riotous colour on the harbour, bush retreats, the brilliant white heat of the beach at noon, flies and mozzies, sand dunes, grass and gnarled trees, being tossed in the surf, burnt to a crisp, sticking to vinyl car seats and dripping icecream. It is a place we all share each long hot Australian summer”.

The exhibition features photography, artwork, and artefacts. An awesome feature is the old Lewers cottage is transformed into a holiday home, complete with mid-century kitchen and loungeroom. The Gallery actually features some beautiful mid-century buildings and gardens, so it’s a pretty cool place to check out. The food at the café is awesome too.

The opening night featured a talk by famous artist Ken Done, who was captivating and hilarious – I can’t believe he’s 74! Our EK is only there till early next week, but it’ll be replaced next week with a vintage caravan in it’s place. The exhibition runs all summer, so if you’re interested check out the Gallery’s website for more info.

Here’s some pics to give you an idea of what’s on show.

lewers (9)

lewers (8)

It’s pretty cool to see a rough around the edges old car in a formal gallery setting. People loved seeing it too.


lewers (10)

The old cottage includes a mid-century inspired loungeroom and kitchen. The cool part is most of it will be auctioned off at the end of the exhibition! I’ll keep you posted.

lewers (7)

This fantastic modernistic painting is an original from Margo Lewers.

lewers (3)

The kitchen set up is pretty cool too.

lewers (4)

lewers (6)

Some great vintage travel posters on display.

lewers (5)

lewers (2)

lewers (1)

And finally, Ken Done with our EK!

lewers (11)

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Is there a better way to celebrate a wedding than with a cocktail from a tiki mug? We didn’t think so either!


Most ceremonies have some kind of ‘unity ceremony’, to symbolise two people coming together. Often this’ll be something like pouring coloured sand into a single vase, or lighting a candle together. We met through a mutual love of tiki culture, so we wanted to reflect that in our wedding. Sure it didn’t go with our country kinda vibe, but we’ve never been ones for doing things normally. To keep things simple we stashed all the ingredients in a vintage thermos, with the alcohol in mini glass bottles.



The cocktail is of our own concoction, and we’ve dubbed it ‘The Tiki Two’.

The Tiki Two
1 shot Banana Liquor
1 shot Sailor Jerry Rum
200mL  Charlie’s Orange and Mango Quencher
A splash of bitters
A sprig of mint

Add ice, add shots, stir, add juice, splash bitters on top, add mint. Enjoy!

The finishing touch was our caterer Mario’s Kitchen making up a whole bunch of them, so our guests got one as soon as the ceremony finished. Needless to say they were a hit!



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Summer is almost here, and to celebrate Bonds have released their latest ad with Rachael Taylor, Todd Lasance – and our EK Holden! What could be a better way to celebrate Summer than by jumping in an old car, cruising to a beach in the bush and having a good time?

It was only by chance that our car was used. We were picking up some timber in the EK, and one of the creative guys behind the ad came up and had a chat with us. After a minute or so of conversation about the cool car, he asked if we’d be interested in it featuring in a short film? We’d be paid, but the catch was the filming was the very next day and we had to get to the location at a seriously ungodly hour in the morning. After some thinking time and some negotiating to sort out the insurance side of things, we were in business.

Here’s some pics from filming on the day. It’s safe to say you’ve got to film a whole heap of content to get that 2 minutes of finished video. We hung around partly out of curiosity, and to be honest, partly to keep an eye on our car. It was an interesting day and something we’d consider doing again.

Getting to location pre-dawn. The upside was cruising through the dead empty streets of the city with the red six purring and some blues cranked up.

Dawn over the beach was pretty nice.

Filming the scene walking onto the beach in the morning light.

Lots of content didn’t make the final edit, like this shot of driving along the corso. It’s kind of surreal to watch other people drive your car on the street.

Taking some still shots to compliment the video.

Lots of time was spent getting different shots to give plenty of options in the editing suite.

The scenes were effectively shot in reverse order, so even though these are the opening shots, they were filmed last.

A few more still shots and it was a wrap.

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This morning was nice and sunny so we figured we’d head down the coast in the EK for a nice drive. It was a great day out, and we saw a bunch of cool cars including a Dodge Daytona/Plymouth Superbird on the freeway. Pity she was going the other way, would have loved to get a pic.

We started by heading through the Royal National Park. If you’re not familiar with it, the Royal is a favourite among motorbike riders and sports car drivers – some awesome twisty fun to be had. The bad news is that it’s super popular with tourists, so on a nice sunny day you invariably end up stuck behind an L-plater or an old guy in a Camry.

This gorgeous Charger caught up to us when we were stuck behind a truck. Hard to get a decent pic in dappled light while on the move with an iphone, but trust me it was very nice.

I always love when you reach the end of the Royal, and the road spits you out into the open with this expansive view over the ocean. Great photo op too.

The Sea Cliff Bridge is one those places that seems to pop up in every second car advertisement. With it stretching and twisting right out over the crashing waves, the view is pretty awesome and the bridge has become a tourist attraction in itself. I just happened to be getting some pics when we passed a GT heading north.

Lunch was at Austinmere Beach. Austi is a fave place of ours, the beach is usually patrolled, there’s usually parking, the fish and shop is pretty reasonable and the small park give you a place to hang out in the shade.

After the steep climb out of Bulli Pass, we took the scenic route home via Camden and Picton, so we could enjoy some of the quiet country roads.

As we got to Camden the clouds were starting to roll in. Sure makes for cool photos though.

And as we were driving home we drove right into those dark clouds! In the end the rain got pretty heavy, and it was good to back her into the garage when we finally got home.

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