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Friday night saw Brian Setzer return to Sydney, to put on yet another awesome show that had the crowd screaming for more. Brian was last out here a few years ago with the Stray Cats, however this time he was here with his Rockabilly Riot tour. And holy shit it was good.

The support act for the evening was Lanie Lane, who in the last 6 months has really started to make a name for herself. I’d seen her once before when she played solo, and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed. Friday night hower, she put on a ripper of a set which the crowd really got into. If anything I’d say her set was a little too short!

Brian took to the stage not long after, and it was clear the crowd was there for a good night. It soon became clear Brian was there for a good night too! To say his guitar playing skills are amazing is an understatment. Like a true artist he makes it look absolutely effortless too. I actually like how his voice has mellowed and aged, and how it fits with the music. And the showmanship he has, which doesn’t come at the expense of the music itself. Absolutely unreal. If you missed it, kick yourself up the ass. Hard.

There were that many highlights at the gig it’s hard to capture them all, so I took the easy way out and chucked some of them in bullet points.

  • Brian and Slim Jim playing together. It’s obvious after all of these years, these guys still love playing together.
  • The covers. How good was hearing Brian belt out Folsom Prison Blues and Great Balls of Fire!The bluegrass classic Blue Moon of Kentucky was another great one.
  • The amazing playing of Melbourne bass player Chris D’Rozario. This guy was amazing, and more then held his own alongside Brian. That’s a big ask of any muso. The fact he looked like a young Johnny Depp didn’t escape the ladies either.
  • Duelling basses covering Duelling Banjoes! And then finishing it up with Brian bringing in a third bass.
  • All of the Stray Cats songs. Way too many to mention, but there were heaps, and the crowd loved them.


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Setzer tour dates announced

As we were hoping, Brian Setzer has announced a bunch of Aussie tour dates on his website. Can’t wait!

Mar. 24 @ Fremantle, Australia – Arts Centre
Mar. 26 @ Adelaide, Australia – Thebarton Theatre
Mar. 28 @ Brisbane, Australia – The Tivoli
Mar. 30 @ Sydney, Australia – Enmore Theatre
Apr. 2 @ Melbourne, Australia – The Palace
Apr. 5 @ Newcastle, Australia – Panthers
Apr. 7 @ Byron Bay, Australia – Byron Bay Bluesfest

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Setzer’s comin’ to town!

Awesome news just in – Brian Setzer is comin’ to visit! The first line up for Byron Bay Bluesfest has been announced, and the Brian Setzer Trio is on the list. For more info check out the Bluesfest website.¬† Rumour has it he’ll be doing some touring while in the country, but we’re yet to hear anything officially. In the mean time here’s some Setzer goodness for your Friday night.


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The Snowdroppers

Some bands have that special knack. That special gift where you just can’t help but let your hair down and have a good time. Those bands where when you hear them, no matter where you are or what time of the morning it is, you just get a hankering for some rum. No, not just some rum. Lots of rum.¬† The Snowdroppers are just such a band.

Hailing from Sydney, the 4 piece take their name from the 1920’s slang for cocaine addicts. Given the reputation they’ve built for their on stage performances, that’s probably pretty appropriate actually!

Anyway, why read about me banging on about a band? Check out the clips below and if you like what you hear check out their website www.snowdroppers.com or facebook.






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I was trawling through some old pics and thought I’d share this. This is a memento of the Aussie Stray Cats tour from a couple of years ago.

The pics are just from a camera phone, they’re not great quality but they’re reasonable. I was able to make them a lot cooler by converting them to black and white and bumping up the contrast a touch. The ticket stub is pretty self explanatory, and the cloth trim is just some stuff from Lyncraft. The frame is just from one of those discount stores that sell excess stock. Hardest part was measuring it out so it was all even and straight!

Now if you’re after some cheap wall art there’s no reason you couldn’t steal this concept and create something for yourself. I’ve got a similar piece with a Trader Vics theme with a business card, napkin and a menu (which a mate brought me back from the States). There are heaps of things you could use as a basis for your own art, be it old postcards from a vintage store or even pics from a magazine. Better yet, you don’t need to be a budding Shag or Keith Weesner to create something original and half decent!

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Glenn Miller is one of the names synonymous with that swinging jazz sound. So kick back after a week of work, pour yourself your beverage of choice, and listen to some great tunes.

I was going to write more about Glenn Miller and his life but it’s Friday arvo, so check it out for yourself on his wikipedia page.

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Whenever you see a legendary band, there’s heaps of excitement, though it’s mixed with a tinge of nervousness – what happens if they’re just a bunch of old blokes going through the motions, with no mojo or stage presence? This was in the back of my mind last night when I checked out The Atlantics, and I’m stoked to say they were AWESOME!

The venue for the evening was The Vault in Windsor. I banged on about the place after I saw Ash Grunwald there, so I won’t bore you with the details – suffice to say it’s a great venue and the food is tops.

Proceedings  were started by Glenn A. Baker, Aussie rock guru. He introduced the band and hyped up the crowd. He reminded us of the historical significance of the band, and how we were privileged to see some living legends perform right before our very eyes. And yes, he was wearing his trademark funny little hat.

The Atlantics set was fantastic. I think what really hit me was how powerful, how primal the music was live – cranked up and hitting you right in the chest. Sure the guitar was amazing, but the pounding drums rolled out an intoxicating and hypnotic surging rhythm. You know those days at the beach when there’s a storm front coming through, the wind is picking up and the waves are pounding onto the shore? There’s a tangible sense of energy and foreboding in the air, and man the sound just keeps coming. That’s the vibe you get right in front of the stage at an Atlantics gig. You could almost smell the salt air!

Some of the great covers included an awesome rendition of Pipeline (complete with dueling lead guitars), the Hawaii 5.0 theme, and the most beautiful rendition I’ve ever heard of Wedding Cake Island. As well as playing some of the bands newer stuff, they also delved into the back catalogue and pulled out classics like Come On, recorded in the bands ‘garage punk’ era (and it even included singing!). Of course Bombora got the crowd’s attention, and was definitely one of the highlights of the night. Finishing it all off was Saturday Night, with The Crusher as a fitting high energy encore piece.

And with that it was time to head off into the darkness in the search of home, drums and guitars still pulsating in our chests.

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