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Is there a better way to celebrate a wedding than with a cocktail from a tiki mug? We didn’t think so either!


Most ceremonies have some kind of ‘unity ceremony’, to symbolise two people coming together. Often this’ll be something like pouring coloured sand into a single vase, or lighting a candle together. We met through a mutual love of tiki culture, so we wanted to reflect that in our wedding. Sure it didn’t go with our country kinda vibe, but we’ve never been ones for doing things normally. To keep things simple we stashed all the ingredients in a vintage thermos, with the alcohol in mini glass bottles.



The cocktail is of our own concoction, and we’ve dubbed it ‘The Tiki Two’.

The Tiki Two
1 shot Banana Liquor
1 shot Sailor Jerry Rum
200mL  Charlie’s Orange and Mango Quencher
A splash of bitters
A sprig of mint

Add ice, add shots, stir, add juice, splash bitters on top, add mint. Enjoy!

The finishing touch was our caterer Mario’s Kitchen making up a whole bunch of them, so our guests got one as soon as the ceremony finished. Needless to say they were a hit!




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I’m pretty stoked to share these amazing pics from our wedding a couple of months back. The plan from the start was a fun and relaxed day with family and friends, and that’s exactly what we got.

We also wanted something that reflected US as a couple. So naturally it had to include our EK Holdens, our mates old cars, lots of rustic and vintage décor, great tunes (blues, rockabilly and rock and roll), and of course great food. We coordinated the whole thing, and bought or made all the décor (even the 75m of bunting, the bouquet made from vintage brooches, all the signage and stationery). I think scouring the op shops and antique stores in little country towns every time we went away was one of the best bits! Having said all this, there is no way we could have done it without the help of family and friends. They went above and beyond to make it happen and were truly awesome.

So without further ado, check out these amazing pics from Jonathan David Photography.

The venue was Castlereagh Hall, just north of Penrith. With gorgeous art deco styling and stunning views over horse studs and Penrith Lakes, it was a pretty easy choice.





Our guests had travelled from all over the place, so we made this sign to recognise how far they’d come!



The amazing chairs and tables are from She Designs.




We encouraged our mates with old cars to bring them along. They looked great and the other guests loved checking them out too.




The bride arrived on the tailgate of our EK, with her best friend by her side and driven by her brother.


My nieces were the flower girls and were adorable!



Our celebrant was the amazing Laurel-Anne from Love from LA. She was sweet, funny and gave us a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted. She’s a lover of rockabilly and vintage style, and we’re stoked to have now become friends with her.



Hair and make up for the girls was by Thalia Amour.



One thing I’ve never liked about weddings is that awkward gap between the ceremony and reception. We had the whole shebang at the one place. To make our guests feel comfortable we had our awesome caterer Mario’s Kitchen put on an amazing spread of gourmet food on a mate’s old Chevy truck, with his staff  serving drinks as well.






To keep guests entertained, we provided lawn games like bocce, croquet, quoits and a lasso set up with a saddle on a sawhorse.




During this time we got some shots with the bridal party.




33 31




Back at the venue, our gifts and wishing well table featured a bunch of vintage items we’ve collected over the years. The picnic basket with the slit in the top made a perfect wishing well! We also featured the wedding pics from all of our grandparents, as none of them are with us anymore.




My mum made the amazing cake. We gave her a simple brief of rustic and native flowers, and she came up with this stunner. Each of the flowers is hand made, painstakingly made petal by petal.


The Hall allowed us a lot of freedom when it came to set up. Our caterer Mario suggested one big long table which looked fantastic, and once again the food he provided was amazing. Each of the dishes were served as share platters, which meant you could have as much or as little of them depending on your tastes. One of my favourite memories of the day is looking down the table and seeing one of our mates eating the remnants of the mash potato directly from the serving bowl.











After dinner we had speeches, and then our first dance was to ‘rolling in my sweet baby’s arms’ by The Snowdroppers.



Dessert was banana flavoured soft serve topped with fresh banana. Half had chocolate topping and a covering of chocolate Persian fairy floss, while the other half had caramel topping and caramel Persian fairy floss. These were served in preserving jars with handles which guests were then able to take home with them.



And with it all over, it was time to make our escape in our EK. We drove ourselves, and it was great to have some quiet time to ourselves and talk about everything that had happened.


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A wedding ring is something that you’re gonna wear for the rest of your life. With that in mind, something straight from a catalogue was never going to cut it for me. Hell, in all the searching I did, I couldn’t find anything that came close to being ‘the one’. Luckily for me, a good friend put me onto Mat from ‘Mr Geale’s Glorious Revivals’.

Mat has extensive experience in restoring silverware, as well as repairing jewellery and hand making jewellery from scratch. After checking out his work and hearing that he was also a fan of art deco, I just had to meet with him and discuss my ideas. After coming up with a rough design and agreeing on a ballpark price, it was time to get the ball rolling.

I’d already given Mat the basic brief for the shape, so the next step was looking at the art deco styling for the shoulders of the ring. He supplied me with this range of ideas. Overall I liked the top right one most, so we moved ahead with that.

I was inspired by engraved signet rings, and I wanted the ring top to feature the tree we were getting married under. Mat suggested he could do something cool with some 100 year old buffalo horn he had. Yep, he just happened to have some century old buffalo horn in his workshop. The super dark colour is similar to onyx, but it has some subtle grain to it like timber. The first stage was hand carving the tree in metal.




The buffalo horn was boiled for an hour or so to make it nice and supple. It was then placed into a tiny press that Mat had made specifically, kind of like a chain breaker for a bike chain. The result was this great impression in the horn surface. This was then cut down to size and polished ready to go into the ring.


The ring body itself was then hand carved from a wax blank. Mat worked from the design we’d agreed on, but tweaked it a little as he transferred it to 3D.





From there I was able to trial fit the ring and see how I was happy with it. Given I don’t wear any jewellery, it was a good chance to make sure I was happy with things before committing to precious metal. Once I gave it the greenlight, it was then cast in a lost wax casting process in white gold. The finishing touches were polishing it, mounting the buffalo horn, and adding some antiquing to the details. I’m stoked with how the ring came out. Mat was easy to work with and really got the art deco style I was angling for. I’d highly recommend checking him out for custom jewellery, repairs or polishing work. Check him out over at http://mrgeale.com/



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Inappropriate wedding songs

The thing about planning a wedding is that there are so many traditions and ‘rules’. Things you’re supposed to do. Things you’re not supposed to do. For a fairly progressive and modern society, there’s an awful lot of superstition when it comes to weddings. And rules about good taste. Like not playing any of these songs. Some rules are meant to be broken!



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I’m pretty freaking excited to share these amazing pictures with you. I mean it’s not often you get the chance to do a photo shoot with your gorgeous fiance, a biplane, a bunch of cool vintage items, all shot by a fantastic photographer.

This story actually started a few years back when I met a girl on a forum. We talked online for a few months, and even though we lived interstate, I was pretty smitten. A friend was having a luau in Brisbane, and that was just the excuse I needed to fly up and meet this girl. Well it went pretty well, and for the next two years we did the long distance relationship thing. Our trips were coordinated around rockabilly gigs and hot rod shows in our respective states. Not to mention going for drives, hitting vintage stores, riding our cruiser bikes and just being dorks with each other. When she finished her degree, she made the gutsy call to move away from her family to Sydney. Needless to say it’s worked out great, and another couple of years down the track we’re engaged.

Our wedding photographer is the talented Jonathan from Jonathan David Photography. As part of his standard package he includes an ‘engagement shoot’. Basically it’s a chance for him to get to know us, and us to get to know him. This way on the wedding day we’re feeling relaxed and comfortable, which means less stress and better photos. As you can see the quality of his work speaks for itself.

For our shoot we wanted something that reflected our love of dusty and rusty old stuff, but also the many hours we spent travelling over those two years of long distance relationship. We were incredibly lucky to find Roy and Primrose Fox, and their B & B ‘The Missions 1937‘. Located at Wisemans Ferry, it’s a luxurious B & B and we highly recommend a stay. Their hospitality was fantastic, not to mention Prim’s cooking! And they were more than accommodating for us to do our shoot with their plane. The plane in question by the way is a DH 82a Tiger Moth, which was used extensively as a pilot trainer. All of the props we bought at various swap meets and vintage stores.

A massive thank you to Roy and Prim, Jono and Britt, and Jen for all your help in making these amazing shots happen. You guys are all awesome!











EngagementAndrewLiana_071  EngagementAndrewLiana_087 EngagementAndrewLiana_092






EngagementAndrewLiana_151 EngagementAndrewLiana_154



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I thought I’d post up some of the cool old stuff we’re collecting for the wedding. Though the date hasn’t been set, we’re looking at a year or two. This will not only allow us to save some cash up in the account, but also give us time to scour op shops, vintage stores and ebay for all kinds of stuff to have a wedding that reflects our taste and style. So with that, I thought I’d share some of the cool stuff we’ve come across in the last few weeks we just had to buy.

Firstly, we’ve got the kind of find you just never come across. We bought 2 crates of vintage Johnson Brothers plates off Jen from vintage clothing co Zipper On the Side. She was having a garage sale and clearing out a load of her old stuff. These plates were used by a hire company for events back in the 50s and 60s, and they’re even in the original crates! I’ve found an original ad so you get a feel for their era. So damn cool, and so much better than hiring boring white plates.

Secondly we got a bunch of old preserving jars from an op shop in Wagga. It was your stereotypical op shop, with that smell of moth balls and the dithering old ladies on the counter. We got lucky with these, less than 12 hours later the section of town these were in was completely evacuated due to the risk of the levee failing! Luckily it didn’t though. We’ll use these as table centrepieces, with some candles in them and some other old items as well. At $25 for 16, that’s just over $1.50 each – bargain.

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I try to keep the blog more about cool old stuff I come across and less about me, but I’m gonna chuck that rule out the window for now – ’cause she said yes! That’s right, instead of a gorgeous girlfriend I’ve now got a gorgeous fiance, and I’m pretty stoked about it.

I won’t go into too much detail, but the day started with a 5.30 run out to Clarendon swap meet. After brekky we headed down to Austinmer way, browsed in a few vintage stores, went for a swim at the beach and then had fish and chips in the shade overlooking the water. We love walking along the rock pools, so after lunch (after a subtle suggestion), we walked out to a quiet spot with the crashing waves at our feet. This is where I popped the question, and obviously she said yes! We rounded the day off with a drive back through the Royal National Park.

All in all it was one of those great days we love spending with each other. A nice cruisey day with old cars, vintage collectibles, a nice drive and a swim at the beach. And it’s because we love sharing all of these things together that I’m pretty excited about marrying her. I wanted her to look back on the day we got engaged and think of all of those things we love doing, as opposed to doing it in some random restaurant with a bunch of strangers looking at us. Lets face it guys, if she loves going to a swap meet after a late night the night before, she’s a keeper!

I can’t talk about this without posting a  pic of the ring. She wears almost no jewellery so picking a ring was always going to be a challenge. I knew she’d be after something simple and elegant, so after a whole bunch of contemplation it hit me an art deco ring would hit the spot, and also reflect our love of vintage style. With that I did a bunch of googling and took some pictures and ideas into Lane Gems and Jewellery in Sydney. The ring features a blue sapphire as the main stone, 6 baguette diamonds on the shoulders, and the body is white gold. I took a punt with the design, and luckily she loves it. I’d recommend Lane to anyone as well, great guys to deal with.

Needless to say, the wedding will feature lots of old stuff and won’t be traditional! I’ll keep you posted.

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